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Susan Shapiro, an award-winning writing professor, freelances for the NY Times, NY Magazine, WSJ, Washington Post, L.A. Times, Elle, Oprah, Wired & New Yorker online. She's the bestselling author/coauthor of 13 books her family hates like Five Men Who Broke My Heart, Lighting Up, Unhooked, The Bosnia List & the inspiring writing guide The Byline Bible. She lives with her scriptwriter husband in Greenwich Village where she’s taught her popular "instant gratification takes too long" courses at The New School, NYU, Columbia University and in private classes & seminars - now online. Follow her on Twitter at @susanshapironet, Instagram at @Profsue123 or email

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Winner of 2019 ASJA Book Award
Winner of 2018 Best Book Award for Writing & Publishing

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“Wry humor, sharp wit, knowledgable authority
Enlightening and universally relevant.” -Kirkus Reviews

Salon: The Forgiveness Tour (ASJA award)
The Revealer: Forgiving the Unforgivable (AJPA award)
The Independent: Modern Atonement (AJPA award)
The Independent: Can You Ever Really Forgive Someone?
Longreads: How I Got My Shrink Back
Kirkus Reviews: Enlightening and universally relevant
Salon: Letting Go of a Grudge
Tablet excerpt: Finding My Father
NY Times: How to Get Someone to Apologize

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"It's perfect timing for a deep, perceptive look at forgiveness. Bestselling author Susan Shapiro’s wise and inspiring new book, The Forgiveness Tour: How to Find the Perfect Apology explores the nature of forgiving and answers the question: Can you forgive someone without an apology? Should you?”

“Candid and captivating”
Brooklyn Rail

“A dazzling and deeply moving memoir about forgiveness, featuring dueling rabbis, Jewish guilt, and the wisdom of inspirational men and women from different religions and cultures.”
Judy Batalion, author of
The Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women
Resistance Fighters in Hitler’s Ghettos

“Susan Shapiro mixes memoir, religion, psychology and journalism to tell amazing stories of forgiveness. The tales, ranging from uplifting to unsettling, are always riveting.”
A.J. Jacobs, bestselling author of
The Year of Living Biblically and
It’s All Relative

“As a popular chronicler of bad habits and poor life decisions, Shapiro has found her best topic yet: how to confront the pain in your life caused by someone you believe owes you an apology. The Forgiveness Tour’s wide-ranging tales of true heartache and gripping confrontation show readers how to find what they need to finally heal from what has been hurting them. Smart, witty and inspirational.”
Tom Reiss, Pulitzer Prize author of The Black Count

“Shapiro demonstrates an uncanny knack for articulating and resolving the unspoken regret of so many people. An engrossing and essential work you’ll be better for reading.”
Laurence Bergreen, bestselling author of Casanova

“Whether you’re wrestling with love gone bad, the rupture of a friendship, a conflict at work or betrayal on a global scale, you’ll find wisdom and solace in Susan Shapiro’s entertaining and insightful account of her own search for forgiveness.”
Julie Metz, bestselling author of Perfection
“The Forgiveness Tour takes us on journeys to right unforgivable wrongs. Shapiro illuminates how we can heal from those who harmed us most. Powerful, intimate and profound.”
Gabrielle Selz, author of Unstill Life: A Daughter’s Memoir of Art and Love in the Age of Abstraction

“A timely and captivating memoir about grudges, fallibility, and the loneliest phrase in the English language: I’m sorry.”
David Goodwillie, author of King’s County

“In her signature quick-witted, compulsively readable voice, Susan Shapiro explores forgiveness with honesty, humor and heart.
Erin Khar, author of Strung Out

“Fascinating and original!”
Susan Cheever, bestselling author of Drinking in America

“I read everything Susan Shapiro writes. The Forgiveness Tour is electric, sad, funny and beautiful.”
Cat Marnell, bestselling author of How To Murder Your Life

“Shapiro holds my eye and ear with urgency, compelling dialogue, and fresh insights into human behavior. I found The Forgiveness Tour hard to put down.”
Grace Schulman
author of Strange Paradise
and Without a Claim

"The Forgiveness Tour takes us on a journey that begins as an emotional ride in response to a relationship betrayal and its painful aftermath. But the road widens into an expansive spiritual, philosophical, and personal exploration of harm and repair. Ms. Shapiro interviews characters from a wide range of life situations, religious traditions, and particular injuries - each one of which she asks what is needed to make a good, effective apology. As she continues to learn, her relationships with important people evolve, as does her understanding of what happened to her. This is an informative and deeply satisfying read."
Molly Howes, author of “A Good Apology”

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